Upset Family’s Father Still Not Cremated by Funeral Home a Month after Death

January 21, 2015

A grieving family is deeply upset at how a Sacramento funeral home has failed to take care of their father’s cremation, well over a month after he passed away on December 14 of last year.

The deceased Terrance Barton’s daughter, Carie Duckworth, expressed that “lying cold in a freezer is unacceptable.”
“He promised,”  referring to funeral director Bradon Sharer. “‘I guarantee he will be cremated by Tuesday,’ I said ‘O.K., I will be here next weekend,’ Next weekend, it wasn’t done. You keep telling me the same line over and over, and you never answer my questions. I want to know where my father’s body is at.”
When Fox 40 got a hold of Sharer he claimed that the whole fiasco was out of his hands and that they were “backed up.”
The funeral home previously took care of the funeral services of Barton’s wife so the family was expecting the same good service they had gotten in the past. Moreover, the family had already paid them in full.

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