The Funeral Process

With so many options available, planning a funeral can lead you to make some very difficult choices. The following information outlines the funeral process, in order to present these planning options more clearly.

You may forward the answers to the arrangements questions to our Funeral Directors using this link prior to meeting with them so that they can be best prepared when you meet.   

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At the time of death, it is important to call the funeral home as soon as possible. We are here for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Once the funeral home has been notified, we can send someone to the place of death immediately, whether it be at your home, a hospital, nursing home, etc. We will then transfer the deceased back to the funeral home.


Depending on the type of service you have, embalming may not be necessary. The process of embalming is not required by law in New York State. However, if you choose to have an open casket visitation or some type of public viewing, it is our funeral home policy that the decedent be embalmed.


Funeral arrangements should be made as soon as it is convenient for the family. At the arrangement conference, you will have to answer certain statistical and biographical questions regarding the deceased. It is best that you have the social security number of the deceased and any other important information needed to complete this process. This is also the time when certain merchandise is selected, such as the casket, vault, urn, prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, etc. 

You may bring a recent picture of the deceased, as well as his/her clothing with you. As you are making the arrangements, the funeral director will begin the process of calling the appropriate clergy, cemetery, or crematory contacts, writing the obituary, and ensuring everything is set to begin the wake or announce the service. Our directors will help you obtain, fill out and file forms for insurance, pensions, social security, union and veteran benefits etc. These matters are always handled in strict confidence. An in house notary public is provided for your convenience.

Calling Hours & Visitation

The tradition of viewing the deceased can be traced back to the beginning of time. You can choose to have visiting hours at whatever time you prefer, and however many days you would like. Many people prefer the traditional two day of 2-5 & 7-9. However, more recently, others have opted to only have one or two hours of visitation immediately before the funeral service.

The Funeral Service

Each of our funeral directors has had experience and has been educated in many different funeral traditions and customs. We can provide services to families of any faith, creed, religion, or non-religious background. You may choose to hold the funeral at your own place of worship, or you can have a service in the funeral home itself, conducted by the clergy person of your choice. Even if your loved one was not associated with any particular church, we can assist you with finding an appropriate clergyman.

Final Disposition

You may plan to have your loved one buried, cremated, entombed, or any other means of final disposition. We will arrange everything for you, from the opening of the grave to contacting a clergy person for a final commendation service.

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Schedule a time to work with our funeral directors on your final wishes which you may keep on file or may pre-fund. We are proud to partner with Pre-Need the funeral trust of the New York State Funeral Directors association, which protects your money so that it is guaranteed to be there when the time comes.