Thousands Flock to Reception for Fallen Firefighter

January 5, 2013

Thousands Flock to Reception for Fallen FirefighterWebster Thomas High School’s field house underwent a transformation to become a reception area within three days after the funeral service for fallen firefighter Mike Chiapperini.
Numerous volunteers, Wegmans employees, and football coach Schott Deuschle all took part in setting up tables and worked throughout Saturday evening to help in the preparation of the donated food that was meant to feed 4,000 people.
From all across the country and even from as far away as Canada, fellow firefighters came in order to express their show of support for a fallen comrade. Bruno Lamarre, with the Mississauga Fire Department, said that “It’s a shock. You don’t want to jade the stereotypes, but knowing the area too, I mean, to see something like that in a small community, a nice community and that close to home. It’s very similar to the neighborhood I live in. It’s unfortunate. It’s an unfortunate shock. And with all the other news that’s going on, it’s unfortunate that people just can’t deal with their problems on their own. It’s a senseless act.”
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