Seymour Funeral Home Renews Membership in Prestigious Organization

December 30, 2014
Just like any other establishment, funeral homes have standards to maintain in order to ensure they are giving deceased individuals the dignity they deserve as they go to their final resting palaces and families and friends left behind are assisted in commemorating the lives of their loved ones.
For the funeral home industry, the International Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) makes sure that funeral establishments meet certain standards. Therefore, being part of this prestigious funeral home organization is assurance that expectations are met or exceeded. The Miller-Ward Funeral Home in Seymour is one of those homes that have consistently provided excellence in their industry as they celebrate being a renewed member of OGR.

“We are pleased to have the Miller-Ward Funeral Home as a member,” said Jeffrey S. Wages, OGR president. “The people at Miller-Ward Funeral Home have proven for 20 years that they are caring, compassionate professionals. As a member of the Order of the Golden Rule, the funeral home owners and staff have dedicated themselves to continuing this tradition of caring in their community.”

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