Several Remains Left to Decompose in Funeral Home

January 30, 2015

It is hard for a person to lose someone they love so much.When you trust a funeral home to take care of the remains of a loved one, you feel assured that they will provide dignity and respect. However, a funeral home in Providence is every family member’s nightmare. Bodies have been found by authorities to be unattended and decomposing.

According to an article on ABCNews, “The Providence Journal reports that the Health Department released information showing that of the nine decomposed bodies discovered in the investigation of Pennine Funeral Home, eight have been identified and buried or cremated with the voluntary help of four funeral homes.”
“The medical examiner says all eight died of natural causes between 2001 and 2013,” the report adds.
Authorities are still unsure as to why the remains have been left uncared for all around the funeral home. It has also been found out that the funeral director, Alfred Pennine, killed himself last year.

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