Scotland’s Thai Community Prepares for Funeral of Monks

January 5, 2013

Scotland’s Thai Community Prepares for Funeral of MonksThe funeral service for three Buddhist monks who were killed in a car crash on Christmas Eve was done in Oakvale Funeral Home in Edinburgh, Scotland.
About 200 or more people have gathered to pay their last respects to Abbot Phramaha Pranom Thongphaiboon, 43, who was the head of Aberdeen’s Thai Buddhist community, as well as to his colleagues Phramaha Chai Boonma, 36, and Phramaha Kriangkrai Khamsamrong, 35.
Appreciation was being shown to the monks who served as missionaries in the community in the UK and in the process left their own families and even their very own culture in Thailand.
The funeral ceremony was presided over by several Thai Buddhist monks. It included the chanting of sacred Buddhist texts as well as viewing of the monks’ bodies. Each of the mourners wore black, with the women all wearing black dresses.
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