Personal Planning Guide

August 21, 2012

Whether you are making funeral arrangements for a loved one who has just passed or are preplanning your own funeral the following information will be needed when you meet with us at Scotto Funeral Home.
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Arrangements Checklist

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Personal & Financial Affairs Checklist for End-of-Life Planning

Theses checklists are designed to help you organize important information that will be readily accessible to survivors after the passing of a loved one. They will also help you preplan your funeral when you meet with us and leave a permanent record of these plans so that your family and/or executor will be able to fulfill your wishes.
It is important to not be afraid to talk about death with family members. It is a sensitive topic, but an inevitable part of the life cycle. Discuss these checklists with loved ones; involve them in the planning process.
Discussing your beliefs and desires openly will assure that your final wishes will be carried out and survivors will have the information necessary to make their grief easier to bear.
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