Modern Day Funeral Songs More Inspirational

April 5, 2013

InvoCare Benefiting from Pre-paid FuneralsUnlike before, when music played at funerals were more reflective and melancholic, today’s funeral songs consist of emotive and inspirational ballads. Modern day funeral service tunes are summarized in one of the most curious music charts in existence: the Co-operative Funeralcare’s Top 30 of music played at funerals.
When Wayne Hector was asked about his top 30 entry, Westlife’s Flying Without Wings, he said, “At a funeral you want a certain amount of joy, a song about hope rather than a sad song. As much as you’re lamenting someone’s passing, you’re celebrating their life. Songs such as this talk to the aspects that connect all humans.”
Ranging from Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath my Wings down to Andrea Bocellis’s Time to Say Goodbye, these inspirational songs allow families to gain comfort and healing amidst their painful loss. Apparently, these types of songs help individuals transition from a sad disposition to one that is more celebratory of the deceased’s life.
Visit Telegraph for more information on songs that could be played at funerals.


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