Man's Sues Funeral Home Over Loss of Mother's Jewelry

December 19, 2014

Man's Sues Funeral Home Over Loss of Mother's Jewelry
When you lose a loved one, you try your best to commemorate the life they lived as you take them to their final resting place. People enlist the help of funeral parlors to do just that as they are undergoing a troubling and painful time. However, in some unfortunate circumstances, the people hired to help you only make the situation much worse.

Christopher Kuhn lost his mother in September last year and hired Azalea City Funeral Home and Crematory run by Albert Kenmar and Hernan Iriarte. However, he sued the home when things went awry. His mother’s, Dixie Hurst Kuhn, jewelry went missing along with her bloody clothes which were requested to be preserved and returned. When Dixie Kuhn arrived she had on three 14 karat gold rings and two gold necklaces, one with a cross and one with three diamonds.
“The defendants did not return any of the property but gave (the) plaintiff various excuses as to why,” the lawsuit states. “After several months, the defendants finally revealed that the property had been lost or taken while in defendant’s custody and control, and that the blood-stained clothes had been cremated with the body.”
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