InvoCare Benefiting from Pre-paid Funerals

March 19, 2013

InvoCare Benefiting from Pre-paid FuneralsInvoCare is one of the leading names in the funeral industry and it has even been described as the Coca-Cola of funerals. Owner of some of the leading brands such as Simplicity and White Lady, it has grown larger in the last few years through its acquisition of other brands.
Now the largest operator of funeral and crematorium services in the Asia Pacific, it has certainly made a considerable mark in the industry. InvoCare’s presence can be felt through its operations in Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.
The growth of the company has been through acquisitions and the reality of an ageing population. However, it is also because of pre-paid funerals, which is basically about pre-selling funerals to an ageing group of people, baby boomers in particular. It actually accounts for about 13.7 percent of its business today.
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