How People Deal With Grief

July 10, 2013

statue of an angelLosing a loved one, losing a job, or going through a bad breakup are all extremely hard processes to go through and these are ones that many of us would rather want to avoid if we could.
But these are also the experiences that allow us to forge our personalities and define us and they are necessary if we are to form meaningful attachments during our remaining time on Earth
The way we deal with loss depends from one person to another:
– Denial is a common way to deal with grief and it is something that we’re all familiar with. The person in denial is the person who refuses to accept things and they are always looking for answers.
– Bargaining is another common way people deal with grief. In bargaining, we have given up on trying to deny what is happening and how to prevent it and instead will try and bargain and offer trade offs.
– Sublimation is another way which means directing your distressed energy towards something else. For instance if you’re having a hard time dealing with job loss, you may want to compensate it by cleaning the house erratically or by doing a rigorous workout.
For more ways to deal with loss, click here.


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