How Men Should Dress for a Funeral

March 3, 2013

funeral outfitA funeral service is a solemn occasion in commemoration of the loss of a loved one or a friend. Therefore, aside from words of sympathy, thoughtful prayers, and a dignified service, an important way to convey respect and mourning is by dressing appropriately.

For men who need help with deciding on what is considered appropriate for a funeral service, read these tips below:
  • A conservative suit – As many already know, black is a preferred color for such a solemn occasion. A conservative cut black suit is a perfect choice for a funeral. Other great choices include a grey or dark blue suit. Regardless of the suit you choose you should wear a crisp white collared shirt with a nice tie. Try to avoid loud colors.
  • Wear a hat and a trench – If you are a hat wearer feel free to wear one to the funeral. A nice fedora style is a great choice. Complete the look with a classic black or dark trench.
  • Tone down the jewelry – Try to avoid any jewelry other than a wedding band and a watch. Remember your goal is to show respect and reverence. You don’t want to draw undo attention to yourself.
  • Shoe shine – Take an extra minute to shine up your dress shoes before you go. This will complete a polished and elegant look that is not distracting.
Carry along an umbrella just in case it begins to rain. The extra hankies are nice just in case you need to offer a shoulder or more to an overly distraught loved one or friend.

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