Grief Camp Provides Solace for Many

July 7, 2014
If you’ve lost a loved one then you know how hard it is to find an avenue to express yourself where people don’t only pity you but understand you. Fortunately, at Camp Mighty Oaks this is exactly what you get, a place where you don’t only share your feelings of grief with others but also learn ways to cope through activities you all do together.
Willamette Valley Hospice runs the camp and it’ll fall on July 26 this year. In this camp Tiffany Bouchard and her son Jackson found their solace after her mom passed away several years ago.
“I didn’t have to be protective or guarded. It just felt like a safe place to come together,” she said. “You can cry and you can laugh and have a space you can actually talk about that person and how you can move forward in your life with your memory of that person.”
For more on this grief camp, click here.

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