Funeral Procession of Dozens of Trucks for Otisfield Logger

November 25, 2013
Last November 24th, an out of the ordinary funeral procession was witnessed by people who were along the Oxford Plains Speedway in Otisfield.trucks in a straight line along the road


A procession composed of dozens of trucks lined up on the speedway on their way to the Community Hall where funeral services were held for Kelby Day. A 39-year-old logger, owner and operator of Day Brothers Logging, Kelby passed away last November 12 after undergoing numerous surgeries to correct his deteriorating condition. He left behind two children.

“[The procession] means a lot,” said his friend Dan Knight, who helped organize the tribute, which brought together family, friends and men and women who simply knew of Day Brothers.

“We are all friends of the Day Brothers,” said Bradley Crowell of Buckfield as he and scores of others talked in small groups outside the trucks, waiting to proceed onto Route 26 toward Otisfield.

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