Funeral Homes Offer Natural Cremation Methods

April 1, 2013

Funeral Homes OfferTraditional cremation procedures require a great amount of fossil fuel and heat in order to burn the bodies. The remaining ash are the parts of the body that cannot be consumed by the flame. Two funeral homes in New Hampshire are offering natural methods of cremation that only needs a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional cremation procedures.
This natural method  of cremation is also known as alkaline hydrolysis and it can break down the body into water soluble components. It would also leave the same residue that we are accustomed to in regular cremation.
Here is a portion of an article by Alyssa Dandrea on this natural creamation method:
“Cournoyer Funeral Home and Cremation Center of Jaffrey and Jellison Funeral Home of Peterborough are partnering with Natural Green Cremation of Searsport, Maine, to offer a new form of cremation known as alkaline hydrolysis, or biocremation, that cuts natural gas usage by 90 percent and electricity usage by 66 percent, according to Mark Cournoyer of Cournoyer Funeral Home.
The total carbon footprint of the alkaline process is 18 times less than that of a flame-based cremation, Cournoyer said in an interview with the Ledger-Transcript last week.
Alkaline hydrolysis is not legal in the state of New Hampshire, but there is a proposed bill in the N.H. House of Representatives that establishes procedures for the use of alkaline hydrolysis for the disposal of human remains. Until it becomes law, though, Cournoyer and Jellison must travel outside New Hampshire’s boundaries to Searsport for families who choose the service for a loved one.
So far neither funeral home has been asked to arrange a natural cremation, but people are definitely talking about the eco-friendly alternative, said Cournoyer and Jellison owner Julie Thibault.”
You can read the full article here.
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