Funeral Home Director Embezzles Money

April 1, 2013

A funeral home in North Carolina might lose its permit to operate for a three year period following an investigation. The Board of Funeral Services in the said state has found that the  director of that funeral home has been embezzling the money of the funeral association for a couple of years.
There has been periods of cash shortage in the burial association for the past few years. The amount lost has totaled to tens of thousands of dollars.
Here is a part of an article by Mary Katherine Murphy for
 “The report said that investigators found a cash shortage of $2,631.76 from Grace Mutual Burial Association, of which Ella Morris is secretary-treasurer. There were subsequent shortages of $6,859.22 in 2010; $7,006.42 in 2011; and $6,838.32 in 2012, according to the report.
“Respondent Morris, as secretary-treasurer, embezzled, or fraudulently converted, or knowingly and willingly converted to an unauthorized use, part or all of the cash shortages found during the 2008-2012 examinations and 2010 Annual Report,” the report said.
Morris denied the accusations, but declined to talk about the charges. She said that she plans to appeal. Under state statute, the business can continue to operate until the courts rule on the appeal.
Morris could lose her funeral directing license for up to three years. To keep it, the state board would require her to pay back more than $6,800 and take continuing education classes.
State board also plans to dissolve the burial association, which is considered a separate entity from Morris Funeral Home, though it is managed by Morris, according to Peter Burke, executive director of the state Board of Funeral Service.”
You can read the full article here.
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