Funeral Etiquette Pointers for the Bereaved

May 8, 2015
A funeral is not like many other types of gatherings. But, while a bereaved may usually find herself not in the right state to entertain and strike engaging conversations with funeral guests, there are still a couple of funeral etiquette pointers to remember:
  • Wear clean, appropriately conservative, and comfortable clothing.
  • First row or two of seats or pews are usually reserved for the immediate family of the person who died.
  • Be prepared to say hello to people at the funeral but don’t feel pressured to have a lengthy conversation with everyone who came.
  • Be prepared for some people to say things to you that may feel insensitive, or for people to bring up inappropriate or sensitive topics.
  • Keep in mind that many people have trouble finding the words to express how they feel so don’t feel bad if you keep hearing cliches.
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