Diary Helps Family to Deal with Loss

June 11, 2013

Diary Helps Family to Deal with LossZoe and David Ward were married back in 2009. They have been together for several years already before. They both have children from previous relationships, but they built one big happy family.
Tragedy struck when, shortly after their marriage, it was discovered that Zoe had lung cancer. She underwent treatment and they were able to control the tumour. Unfortunately,  the cancer had spread to her brain. She died, leaving her family in 2011.
Now, the diary that she left behind which her family used to cope with the grief of her loss is going to be published.
Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared on Yorkshire Post:
“Thursday October 29 2009 – a typical diary entry from Zoe: “All I want is normality! I want to go to work, uni and juggle this with family life.”
You can read the full piece here.

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