Coping with Death and Facebook

January 17, 2014

The Facebook pageLosing someone very dear to one’s heart is a very tragic and devastating event in anyone’s life.
The unpredictability of when someone’s life will end, perhaps, adds to the grief and difficulty of coping with the loss. Through modernism, however, using social networking sites such as Facebook has become a capable means of helping someone deal with bereavement.
However, some may ask, “What happens with a person’s Facebook account when he passes away?” A departed person’s social media account can end in four different ways. They are:
– The account remains untouched, inaccessible, and even undeleted.
– Social networking sites will delete a dead person’s account upon the request of a family member or close friend.
– Any love one of the deceased can send a petition to the admin to deactivate the user’s account.
– Knowledge of the password, illegal practices, or a court subpoena are one of the various ways to gain access to a deceased’s online account.


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