Choosing the Right Words to Express Condolences

April 24, 2013

Right Words to Express CondolencesThe words you use to convey your sympathy and grief for the loss of someone are highly important. Using cliches or ill-chosen words may hurt or stir up emotions in this sensitive and difficult time. So whether your means of expression is through a call, a card or a visit, choosing the right words is a must.

Use your own words to convey messages like these:
–   “I/We are thinking of you. I/we wish there were words to comfort you”
–   “I/We are shocked and saddened by your loss. We care and love you deeply.”
–   He/She was such a fine person.”
–   “What you’re going through must be very difficult.”
–   “It’s too bad he/she died. I will always remember him/her.”
–   “He/she lived a full life and was an inspiration to me and many others.”
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