Child Bereavement Needs Special Attention

July 16, 2013

Coping with the Death of a ChildA happy child is overflowing with love and care from people who hold him dear, particularly his parents. The feeling of comfort and security is always there because he knows he’s well protected. But what happens if one day his parents are suddenly taken away from him? Will he be ready?
Children with loving families will never be prepared if unfortunately their parents pass away without a warning. This is because they have always known that their parents would always be there for them through thick and thin, even until they grow up and become adults.
Kids whose parents die suddenly should fall under a special care supervision. Yes, there are other close relative who can supervise and act as their second parents, but the distress of losing someone in the family who’s been taking good care and showing them unconditional love is very painful.
A child is innocent about death issues and doesn’t know or understand what to expect and do when terrible things happen. So, it is advisable that a child who has undergone this tragic situation be given special care.
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