Bereavement Support Group for Grieving Individuals

This holiday season, Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home of Greenwich will offer a free bereavement support group to those who are in need of help coping with grief. The program, which will be led by the funeral home’s in-house Bereavement Counselor Terri Agliardo, will give participants the opportunity to talk about their emotions and share […]

Free Program for Mourners this Holiday Season

The holiday season can also be a difficult and devastating time for people who have just lost their loved ones. In order to help individuals cope with grief during the happiest time of the year, Mayo Clinic Health System’s Hospice is offering a free program at the Professional Community Center. With the free program, mourners […]

What Grieving Online Really Is

As online technologies continue to progress, people’s behavior about death takes a whole new space. Others call it the age of digital mourning. On Facebook, for instance, pages are memorialized wherein users can visit the memorial page of the deceased individual and leave RIP’s such offerings and birthday visits. Players as well of online multiplayer […]

Journey’s Bereavement Camp Help People Deal with Loss

Families in Albermarle who have lost their loved ones are helping each other deal with grief at the Journey’s Bereavement Camp at Camp Holiday Trails. Held twice a year by Hospice of the Piedmont, Journey’s Bereavement Camp aims to help families assess their emotions and sort them out. Its main purpose is so bring these […]

Schools Offer Help on How to Deal with Grief

Speaking on behalf of the Vale School District counseling staff, Alisha McBride said that grief counseling services were offered during summer to families who experienced death of a loved one and other tragedies. She also added that in case additional resources are needed, Malheur Education Service District will provide more assistance. After the death of […]

How Advisors Can Help Grieving Clients

According to Corgenius CEO Amy Florian, helping a client get through the toughest time of their lives is not only the right thing to do. Extending support to grieving individuals can also help grow your business. Florian, who had been giving talks on how advisors can help their clients deal with pain, pointed out that […]

Grief Support Seminar at Cross Lutheran Church

On August 25, the Cross Lutheran Church will host a grief support seminar and everyone is invited to come. According to a news release from the church, participants will learn how to deal with emotions and challenges when faced with the death of a loved one. People who meet every week for Christ-centered and biblical […]

Getting Financial Help after Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one, especially a partner, can be very difficult not only emotionally but also financially. But don’t fret because there are a number of bereavement benefits available for you. To find out if you are eligible, check out the information below. Bereavement payment – tax-free, lump sum payment for those under state pension […]

Bereavement Workshops Focus on the Impact of Personal Loss

The Community Care Northumberland will conduct workshops that will focus mainly on the impact of personal loss. According to the Community Care Executive Director Trish Baird, the workshops will discuss grief and bereavement and how they affect an individual. In addition, it will also help the participants understand the feelings as well as their responses whenever […]

Bereavement Support Center

Hilda’s Bereavement support center, which is run through Ipswich Hospice Care, is preparing to help Ipswich children and adults in dealing with grief. Their adult grief group and kid’s grief group program will begin in mid-October. Both programs will be facilitated by experienced support volunteers for a span of seven weeks. According to group coordinator […]