Kauai Hospice Helps in Memorializing Lost Loved Ones

Coping with the death of a loved one can be painful and challenging especially during holiday season. Now in the hopes of providing support to those who have recently lost their loved ones, Kauai Hospice is offering a chance to memorialize their memories. This year, two trees of Remembrance evergreens were set up at Kukui […]

Free Grief Support During Holidays

Community Home Health & Hospice is offering free grief support to everyone in the community who has just lost their loved ones this holiday season. A nonprofit agency, Community aims to provide free resources that will help support not only bereaved adults but also children and teens. Since 1977, Community Home Health & Hospice has […]

What Grieving Online Really Is

As online technologies continue to progress, people’s behavior about death takes a whole new space. Others call it the age of digital mourning. On Facebook, for instance, pages are memorialized wherein users can visit the memorial page of the deceased individual and leave RIP’s such offerings and birthday visits. Players as well of online multiplayer […]

Compassionate Friends of Ottawa Help Grieving Parents

Last August 14, the Compassionate Friends of Ottawa hosted a “Walk to Remember” at the Lakeview Park. The event was designed to give grieving families the opportunity to celebrate the life of their child who died. The “Walk to Remember” event was a one-mile walk and was attended by parents who have lost their child. […]

Garden of Angels Help People Deal with Grief

The Garden of Angels is visited frequently not only by butterflies and honeybees but also by people who have just lost their loved ones and are trying to heal. The garden, which sits on quarter-acre of land next to Highway 33, is a mix of color. It includes not only different flowers but also a […]

Crowdfunding to Help Cover Funeral Costs

For many people, coming up with enough money to cover the funeral costs has been a big struggle. As a matter of fact, the financial burden has been particularly heavy on the indigenous community. Good thing the funeral crowdfunding has become more and more popular today. Organizations like Crombie Foundation help not only with the […]

Camp Hope Helps Children Cope with Loss of a Loved One

Camp Hope, which is sponsored by the Bereavement Department of Niagara Hospice, is a summer camp for children that will give them the opportunity to recognize their grief and learn positive ways on how to cope with such loss. According to camp coordinator Leann McConchie, the camp will include activities where children are encouraged to […]

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Accidents are very common at home, especially for seniors who are left on their own. To help keep your senior loved ones safe, below are some home safety tips. –          Install lights in stairwells and in dark places. –          Keep those commonly used items between shoulder height and knee height. –          Go for couches in […]

Support Groups Widows Can Turn To

Losing a husband can be extremely devastating to a woman, and while concerned relatives and friends will surely be there for the earlier part of the experience, there’s a high chance that they will get over the event much sooner than the former does. Fortunately, widows now have various support circles to turn to, from […]

Tea Party Held to Raise Awareness Among Young People

No one is immune to the grief that the passing of a loved one brings, and when tragedy strikes, children may be the most affected casualties as they may not know how to cope with such a painful loss. Fortunately, there are organizations out there, like Child Bereavement UK, whose goal is to help out […]