Baby Memorial Service to Be Held by Hospital

July 8, 2014

Losing a beloved baby is never easy.
Losing a loved one is never easy. However, the loss of child, moreover a baby, can seem more profound and deep. The passing of such an innocent young soul can be difficult to fathom and move on from. Therefore, a lot of support and encouragement are needed by parents, siblings, other family members and friends in order to handle and slowly accept the tragic ordeal.
The King’s Mill Hospital team understands this unique and painful challenge so they have organized a special service for the family and loved ones of those who have lost a baby because of miscarriage, stillbirth or any tragic cause. The service will be held by the hospital’s chaplaincy team in the Faith Centre at King’s Mill Hospital on July 17.
“Time does not always heal the pain of loss but we hope this service will give people the opportunity to stand with other people who know the pain of losing a child,” said Edith Dawson, a member of the team who put together the service. “If you need to say goodbye to a baby or to grieve, or you want to come along with a friend who needs to say goodbye, please join us for this special service or remembrance.”
For more about this special commemorative service, click here.


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