According to Book Animals Also Mourn Loss Just Like Humans

June 2, 2013
Sympathize with the GrievingA newly released book entitled “How Animals Grieve” has revealed that like humans animals also mourn the loss or death of someone special to them. Book author Barbara J. King explained that based on her study she learned that grief is not a uniquely human emotion. King said animals. like humans, also feel sadness and sorrow if any of their family or friends have died.
The author said she heard of stories of a cat mourning the death of a sister and a group of elephants who pay respects to the bones of their matriarchs. Well, I think the book has some basis, after-all losing someone is indeed such a painful experience, so even animals are bound to feel it. Like humans who are saddened by the loss of someone they love but recover as time goes by, I also hope that those animals who grieve can eventually overcome the pain and get back to their usual animals ways
Read this interesting story in full by visiting this link.

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