A Talk on Coping with Death: 'The Ups and Downs of the Holidays'

November 28, 2013

The holidays may be a difficult and different time for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. While coping with loss is already hard on its on, the added flashback of better timesa young boy mourning the loss of a loved one while leaning on a tombstone spent together and backlash of guilt when having moments of happiness may take an extra toll on those who are grieving.

This was the predicament tackled in clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Pierson’s talk last November 16th at a hospice in Delaware. Appropriately titled “The Ups and Downs of the Holidays”, she reached out to individuals who were having trouble moving on, particularly in this supposedly joyous season.
It was suggested that the bereaved should acknowledge their feelings and decide on how to handle the celebrations. A great idea would be to put together a ritual or ceremony to commemorate the deceased and honor the life he once lived.

For more on Dr. Judy Pierson’s tips on how to cope with grief during the holidays, click here.


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