2013 Asia Funeral and Cemetery Expo Held in Hong Kong

June 2, 2013

The 2013 Asia Funeral and Cemetery Expo, dubbed as an event for “practical ideas on global trends regarding the management and operation of funeral facilities and services”, was held in Hong Kong over the weekend. Many undertakers, funeral planners and other funeral industry professionals flocked the annual event. With many vendors, suppliers and interested parties allowed to showcase products or browse through displays, this is considered to be Asia’s largest funeral trade fair.

The highlight of the three-day affair was the array of unique caskets, among them a piano coffin, an environmentally friendly paper coffin, and a Last Supper lined casket. There were also pet funeral planners offering urns for cremation, post-mortem makeup artists demonstrating different looks and embalmers discussing various techniques.

For more on the latest trends in the funeral-planning industry, click here.


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