Bereavement Service to Help People Deal with Loss

In Lichfield, a new bereavement service was opened in the hopes of helping people deal with grief and loss. The Bereavement Help Point, a weekly drop-in service, is run by volunteers who have experienced giving support to those people who have lost their loved ones at one point. The service offers not only emotional support but also practical assistance including signposting, information to other specialist services. It provides bereaved individuals the opportunity to sit and talk about their loss with the volunteers. The Bereavement Help Point will run every Wednesday between 2:30pm and 4:30pm and is open to anyone resident in Lichfield and its surrounding areas. To learn more, check this link.

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How to Help a Grieving Parent

When you lose your mother, your father also loses his wife — his partner and best friend. Make sure he gets all the support he needs by attending to his physical needs, encouraging him to talk about your mother, and allowing him to express his grief. Watch out for forgetfulness, disorganization, inability to concentrate, and the lack of interest or motivation, which can all be signs of grief, and consider the following tips to help a grieving parent: Offer him patience and understanding Be prepared for his grief to surface Understand that grief is often made up of contradictory emotions

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