Funeral Directors Dealing with Death and Grief

Morticians and those working in the funeral business are usually the first ones that people turn to when someone passes away. They embalm, wash, dress and prepare the body for the funeral. They also get to see the initial reactions of people when it comes to death. Lisa Brand, who works as funeral director for […]

Lea Honors Cory

The eyes of the world has been on Lea Michele – to see how she can cope with the death of her TV and real life boyfriend Cory Monteith. At the Teen Choice Award, she was able to speak about her loss. Lea honored Cory as fans cheered. Lea won the Teen Choice Award for […]

A Different Way of Looking at Funerals

When you think about funerals and anything that is connected with death and dying, the first thing would probably come to your mind is how depressing it is. That’s not surprising since most people would feel that way. But, Erin Erceg would beg to disagree. Erin is a 29-year-old funeral director and she’s not the […]

Dealing with the Death of Son at a Group Home

Paul McCann was 42 back in 2011. That was the same year that he died. Paul was beaten badly after he took a few cookies in the kitchen of the group home where he was living. A few days later he died from the injuries that he sustained. His family recently paid tribute to him […]

Glee Cast Coping with Loss

Glee is getting ready for the opening of its fifth season. This should be an exciting time for the cast and crew of the show just as it has been in the past seasons, but something has changed – Cory Monteith’s death is casting a gloom on the entire show. But the cast is is […]