Star's Death Provides Teaching Moment

The death of Cory Monteith alone in a hotel room in Vancouver is such a sad and tragic end to his career. Tributes from fans all over the world has been pouring through social media. Most of the his fans are teenagers and young people who are targeted by the show ‘Glee’. Experts see this as an opportunity to educate young people about death. Parents can provide context to the event so children and teens can understand what loss is. Parents can also use their experience in dealing with famous people’s death when they were young. According to JESSICA BARRETT for the VANCOUVER SUN, “The young star’s story is one that demonstrates that “for a lot of people life is a struggle,” and that it’s OK to seek help, she said.” You can read the full article here. If you

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Handling Sudden Death

If there was something that people realized by James Gandolfini’s death it is the fact that death is really sudden and it doesn’t care about your plans. Gandolfini had a lot of plans. He wasn’t counting on dying anytime soon. Yet, death still claimed Gandolfini despite all as it does with countless others each year. It is hardest on the friends and family members who are left behind. How do you deal with sudden death? According to Alicia Sparks in an article for, “Death is hard to deal with, but sudden death might be even more difficult.” You can read the full article here and know more on how to deal with unexpected death. If you need the best funeral home in Brooklyn then click on this link.

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How to Explain a Pet's Death

Adults are not the only ones that can form lasting relationships – children can do the same thing. They can form very strong bonds with children of their own age and  build relationships with pets. Being too close with pets can come with problems. There is a high probability that children will experience losing one or more of their pets because of death. How does a parent go about in explaining that? According to Kristen Houghtonfor the Huffington Post, “Sometimes it falls to us as adults to help a child deal with the passing of a beloved four-footed family member. When that happens we need to be very careful in our explanations.” If you want to read the full article, click here. If you need the best funeral home in Brooklyn then click on this link.

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