How to Cope with Grieving Students

It can be very hard being a child or teenager when you lose someone who is dear to you, especially if it’s your parents. At this very young age, dealing with this difficult situation is not easy. And what is more saddening about such a scenario is that kids can not accept or understand right […]

Child Bereavement Needs Special Attention

A happy child is overflowing with love and care from people who hold him dear, particularly his parents. The feeling of comfort and security is always there because he knows he’s well protected. But what happens if one day his parents are suddenly taken away from him? Will he be ready? Children with loving families […]

Oregon Will Be the First State to Permit Leave Due to Loss

Oregon will become the very first state to allow its employees some time off due to the loss of a loved one. This will be effective starting January 1st of 2014. While this is great news, note that this is only applicable to certain private company employers to provide. There are also several things needed […]

Helping Young Children Understand Death

Many young children cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality and they depend on us, adults, to help them. Whenever a loved one dies, it is important to give simple and honest explanations. Saying that we don’t know won’t help at all and will only leave them feeling confused. Remember that many children are already aware […]

The Sad Truth About Losing Someone to Suicide

Postvention Australia is a new non-government organization aimed at supporting Queenslanders who lost loved ones to suicide. This organization is comprised of Australia’s topnotch experts about suicide related issues. Their aim is to help the bereaved in the coping process. An internationally renowned expert on suicide, Prof. Diego de Leo, said, “Many did not realize […]

Guiding Students Through Trying Times

Students deal with all kinds of tragedies – death of a loved one, suicide, parent’s divorce, and shootings. While these are more obvious ones, there are also less obvious minor tragedies like break-ups, failing grades, not getting the car they want, and more. Although these things may seem trivial to an adult, all of these […]