Scotto Funeral Home is located in the heart of Carroll Gardens on majestic 1st Place between historic Court Street and hip Smith Street. Housed in three former brownstones the funeral home occupies three floors with over 9000 square feet of space. As you approach Scotto Funeral Home the grand front garden and deep maroon façade blend with the historic charm of the homes that line the blocks of Carroll Gardens.

Many people admire or large front garden of Scotto Funeral Home which possesses a natural feel to it with many indigenous species of trees and plants all surrounding an 70 year old cherry blossom tree which buddy Scotto planted as a young child . The garden also boast a fish pond, bird bath, antique street lamps and numerous stone benches.

As you enter Scotto Funeral home you are welcomed by the door receptionist, seated at the front desk in the spacious lounge. Restrooms are located on each floor with easy access from each of the three chapels.

The Chapel of the Sacred Heart boasts a beautiful stained glass image of Jesus the Sacred Heart original placed over the altar in the former St. Leonard’s Covent Chapel. This chapel has a truly antique renaissance feel with plenty of natural light.

The Rose Chapel is our newest chapel, located on the first floor with the lounge and the Sacred Heart Chapel it was recently renovated after a fire. This chapel is soft and warm with hues of pink, recessed lighting and with the absence of religious symbols perfect for all types of services.

The Victorian Chapel is located on the second floor of the funeral home with its own restrooms and privacy. This chapel, the original parlor floor of the brownstone, contains 15 foot ceilings, grand mirrors, colorful stain glass windows and an original fireplace.

Our Casket Showroom is located off of the Victorian Chapel on the second floor. The showroom makes the arrangement process more convenient with no need to leave the funeral home to select the appropriate casket, vault or urn. (photo of Victorian Chapel)

The modern and full equipped offices of Scotto Funeral can be found in the lower level of the funeral home providing conference table space and full accessibility to our professional and caring staff.

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