The Sad Truth About Losing Someone to Suicide

Postvention Australia is a new non-government organization aimed at supporting Queenslanders who lost loved ones to suicide. This organization is comprised of Australia’s topnotch experts about suicide related issues. Their aim is to help the bereaved in the coping process.

An internationally renowned expert on suicide, Prof. Diego de Leo, said, “Many did not realize that the people left behind were sometimes at risk of suicide as well.” Below are the sad truths about this kind of bereavement and suicide:

– Suicide-bereaved people are six times prone to suicidal attempts than other causes of death.

– Every day, seven people die in Australia because of suicide.

– Almost 180 people attempt suicide per day in Australia with half of it so severe that they require hospitalization.

Further information about bereaving from losing a loved one to suicide can be read here.

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