Funeral Horror Stories: No Dignity for the Dead

Funeral Horror Stories: No Dignity for the DeadYou can only imagine the horror David Wells of Rohnert Park felt when he got a call from an investigator saying that the body of his father, that was meant to be cremated, was found in a storage unit, badly decayed along with eight other bodies. Wells said the family had paid mortician Anthony Villeggiante $1,500 for the cremation of his father, but weeks passed and his ashes never came. To make matters worse, the mortician had apparently sprinkled carpet deodorizer over the bodies to mask the smell of decay.

It’s unknown exactly how many of these incidents occur, but after NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit reviewed disciplinary actions for just the past two years, a number of horror stories were uncovered. Some of them—funeral directors behaving badly, others, outright crimes.
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